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Thousand Miles Club aims to promote and engage individuals and communities in responsible adventure, nature conservation and community development. It is going to be a platform where all these will blend to guarantee excitement, learning and peace of mind.

The Club is going to host a series of adventure activities and events, social work under its membership program which will promote responsible and adventure tourism and at the same time take part in exclusive events throughout the year which will be available only to our members.

Membership Benefits:

  • Nature and adventure programs
  • Nature and adventure programs
  • Participation in various adventure festivals
  • Experience sharing programs
  • Life Skill Training
  • Gear sharing facility
  • 5% discount on all TME overseas packages
  • 2.5% discounts on all Base Camp Packages on weekdays
  • Membership certificates, ID cards and Digital Badge

To become a member please contact +8801995333444
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Membership Fee: BDT. 100/-

Thousand Miles Expedition is an initiative and registered trademark of Base Camp Bangladesh Ltd.