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of Mongolia

8 Days
A short trip but nevertheless a packed itinerary! You will experience beautiful sceneries, fascinating historical sites and enjoy culture and fun on the way. You will be horse trekking through...
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BDT 1,31,000

Motorcycle Adventure Tour

7 Days
If you are looking for an adventurous way to travel through central Mongolia and are up for a real challenge why not go by motorcycle? Explore the huge steppe, the high mountain ranges, and experience the traditional Mongolian...
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BDT 2,70,000

Mongolia Karakorum and Gobi Tour

7 Days
his is one of our classic tours, covering the central and southern parts of Mongolia. During this tour, you could witness and experience the highlighting species of flora and fauna such as inhabitation of Przewalski wild horses...
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BDT 1,14,500

Introduction to Nomadic Life

8 days
ndoubtedly, one of the main attractions of travelling to Mongolia is that, in the 21st century, half the people retain the nomadic lifestyle. This trip gives you the opportunity to visit nomad families and experience their way...
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BDT 1,16,500

Into the heart

4 days
Unlike most people's common imagination about desert, Mongolian Gobi desert is mostly vegetated, vast steppe and a home to a big number of camel herders. Due to its size and sparse...
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BDT 82,500

4WD off Road Tour Through Mongolia

15 Days
The 4WD off road tour is created to provide visitors & corporate clients with the best possible wilderness experience. We are privileged to offer our guests a variety of activities in what truly is one of the world’s most...
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DBT 2,53,500


14 Days
Do you want to experience all Mongolia has to offer but don't know where to start? To see not only the boundless steppe and Gobi deserts but to also explore the historical sites and meet...
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BDT 2,70,500

Hiking To Lake Khagiin

9 Days
he best time to hiking through the National parks is June and June or August. You will enjoy the beautiful scenery, eternal blue sky and night stars. On average you will travel 10-15 kilometers...
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BDT 1,35,500